ATD WebDesigners offers integrated, robust and secure hosting solutions. We have extensive experience meeting a variety of hosting requirements, ranging from small static sites to large-scale database applications with thousands of pages and millions of hits a month.

ATD WebDesigners does not outsource hosting to an ISP because we know the importance of managing the environment ourselves. We take a holistic viewpoint, not only ensuring that the servers are running correctly, but also that the applications are performing as expected.

ATDWebDesigners have a wide selection of different hosting packages. When a website has been designed we will select the best suited package for that site.

Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting service is designed to provide affordable hosting in a business class environment.

We tailor our packages to suit client requirements, but a typical shared hosting package might offer:

  • 100mb web space
  • Shared firewall
  • Shared Internet connection
  • Shared SQL database
  • Urchin web statistics reports


Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated hosting service combines the speed and resilience of a high-specification server with our robust and secure environment.

Again, we tailor our packages to suit client requirements, but a typical dedicated hosting package might offer:

  • Intel Xeon-based server hardware
  • Dual mirrored hard disks in a RAID arrary
  • Shared or dedicated SQL Server
  • Shared or dedicated firewall
  • Shared Internet connection
  • At least 5GB monthly bandwidth
  • Urchin web statistics reports

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