The Intermediate package is designed for the small to medium company, or companies who wish to upgrade from the Basic site to the Intermediate Site after seeing the benefits of a web site.

The Intermediate Site package includes:
  • An introduction (index page)
  • Plus around 18 content pages
  • Graphic work for buttons etc
  • Feedback Forms
  • Video Clips
  • Directory listings
  • On-line Inquiry and Contact Form
  • Unlimited Text and Image Content
  • A larger Flash Animation can be added on the site

This is the most popular of the products offered by ATD Web Designers and as thus it is probably seen as the best value for money site available on today's market.


The Intermediate Site will be submitted with at least 400 search engines.

The cost of a typical Intermediate Website is around 550 -900 (depending on size of site)

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Below are three sites which are classed as an Intermediate Site:-


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